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What is obesity?

Obesity results from the excess accumulation of fat that exceeds the body's skeletal and physical standards. According to the American Obesity Association, obesity is a disease.

What is morbid obesity?

Morbid obesity is typically defined as being 100 lbs or more over ideal body weight, or having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or higher. Morbid obesity increases the risk of co-morbidities that result in either significant physical disability or even death. Morbid obesity is a serious and chronic disease. Treatment is available, and surgery is an extremely viable option for you.

What is the cost of this operation?

Please contact us and carefully fill out the insurance coverage verification portion of the form.

Will my insurance cover this operation?

Most health insurance companies will cover most of this surgical procedure. However, there are so many plans that it is best to contact us and to schedule an appointment.

How safe is this operation?

Like every operation, there is a risk. Because our patients already have health-related problems, there is an increased risk of complications. However, our team does a complete screen and reviews your medical history to prevent any surprises on the operating table. If we feel that it is not safe to operate on you, we will not proceed. However, if surgery is not an option at that time we do offer a supervised medical weight loss program.

How long will I be in the hospital after surgery?

The average stay of our patients is one to two days.

When can I go back to work after the operation?

This really depends on your job and your surgeon.  Most patients with low impact desk jobs return to work after their follow up visit with the surgeon in10-14 days.  Patient with high impact job requiring heavy physical labor will have to discuss with your surgeon when you are able to return to full duty, usually between 3-6 weeks.  Each patient heals on differently, and will recover and advance to work on their own time.

Will I still be able to get pregnant?

We strongly recommend for patients to postpone pregnancy for the first 18 months after surgery.  This is also a topic you will discuss with your surgeon.

Can I drink alcohol?

Patients are advised to avoid alcoholic intake.  If patient, chooses to consume an occasional alcoholic drink, they must consider the risk of a decreased tolerance level after surgery. In addition, no carbonated beverages are allowed such as soda, beer, sparkling wine, and champagne.

What can I do about extra skin and stretch marks?

Many of our patients opt for plastic surgery, but we recommend you wait until you reach your ideal body weight before any plastic surgery.

How soon can I exercise after the operation?

All patients are advised to walk immediately after surgery as tolerated with a goal of 30 minutes a day, advancing as tolerated.  Most patients can resume a full workout schedule after 6 weeks, however you should consult with your surgeon before returning to a full workout schedule.

Do I have to take medicine after surgery?

Your surgeon will go over your medications with you and advise you on what meds to continue or discontinue.  Patients are sent home with a list of meds to take for recovery, including daily vitamins which are necessary to prevent nutritional defiencies.

What kind of foods will I be able to eat and drink?

Patients are required to visit with a dietitian prior to surgery. Patients will be placed on a liquid diet right before and after surgery and advance slowly to a regular diet with assistance of their surgeon and dietitian.

How fast will I lose the weight, and is it dangerous?

Most of the weight will be lost in the first year and a half. Losing weight this fast is not dangerous if you continue to follow your diet and take the vitamin supplements advised of your surgeon and dietitian.

How about after the surgery - are there support groups?

NCMC provides monthly support groups that are set up and facilitated by our Bariatric weight loss team.  Support is a very important part of your weight loss.  Our team is always readily available to support you in obtaining your weight loss goals and keeping them. We are only a phone call or email away!

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